Time Sharing Custody And Child Support

When calculating child support alimony a large amount of factors are taken into consideration. And when correctly determined, no parent can avoid it’s payment. According to the state of Florida, monthly payment is necessary, no matter the amount.

Times are changing, and with it the matter of child custody are changing as well. These days sole custody of a child has become a rare sight in Florida. Parents are more prone to getting time-sharing custody over their young ones, as it is objectively a better solution for everyone. Only in cases of extreme neglect and abuse sole custody prevails. In defending the child’s interests and well being, they see to it that these kinds of abuse is avoided, and only in those cases time-sharing is avoided.

When exactly do you have custody?

When exactly do you have custody?What is exactly time-sharing? It is a term put to use by the Florida Family Law and it’s used to establish the rules of child custody. It carefully determines who the child current guardian is, and how long the child stays with each guardian. This kind of custody is also referred to as “switch-custody”, as it implies that parents get to switch the custody of the child, from one parent to the other. This shared way of owning custody right also influences the child’s discipline, education, medical treatment and religion. Both parents get to have a say in the life of their child. This is objectively the best solution for children of divorced parents. In this case, child support is calculated   in direct correlation to the time spent with the child. This means that the more a parent spends with the child, the less he needs to pay for child alimony.

Over-night stays aren’t something overlooked by time-sharing. These stays are only qualified as over-night stays as long as they are during the night period when the child sleeps. Go figure. Daytime vacations will not qualify as an over-night stay.

Establishing a child support amount

After establishing when does each parent care for a child, a child support amount will be determined by the government officials. This time-sharing schedule will play a big role in balancing the figures. The state of Florida enforces a special dollar amount chart that’s responsible for the final child support size. Slight alterations of the chart amounts are made because each case is unique in its own way. Some numbers can’t outright be predicted by a chart, so a trained professional needs to step in and provide you with the right numbers.

If a parent fails to deliver regular child support payments, the other payment may press charges. These charges can be filed free by the Child Support Enforcement, or they can be filed by a  payed lawyer that may press charges on slightly different terms. Having Child Support Enforcement take care of the case might be a time consuming process, so we advise you lawyer up and pursue the other parent on your terms. Although more costly, this is certainly a cleaner option in the long run. The interest of children should always come first.