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Welcome to David L. Manwarren Corporation.  We have been designing and building exciting aquarium, zoo, museum, and educational exhibits for over two decades.

We have become internationally known for our innovative creative team and a standard of excellence, second to none.

DLM's creative team continually pushes the envelope on innovation and technology insuring the most realistic, animal friendly and durable aquarium and zoo environments possible.

Artificial rock - Lisbon Aquarium

Our Services on our Specialty Page include these specific areas of expertise:
  • Sculpted Animals

  • Artificial Vines

  • Shipwreck Hardware (for underwater exhibits)

  • Trees of all types (pdf)

  • Mangrove Trees (pdf)
  • Penguin Exhibits (pdf)

  • Artificial coral - Ripley's

    Our realistic corals and rock substrates can be found in many of the world’s finest aquariums, zoos and hotels.

    Specializing in the construction of exhibitry, we have one of the world’s largest inventories of artificial coral which enables us to provide dramatic habitats that encourage natural animal behavior, compelling exploration
    and interaction.

    We also offer services for consulting and fabrication of the following:
  • Designing of Exhibits

  • LSS Systems(Life Support Systems)
  • Aquariums, waterfalls and ponds.

  • DLM Power Point Presentations for download:
  • DLM Coral Reef Inserts 2010 (powerpoint) 133 mb

  • DLM Overall 2010 (powerpoint) 248 mb

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